Dammit I’m tired !

So – last week I did the first session on one of these ‘Couch to 5K’ apps.

Was actually a lot of fun, but have to take it very carefully since I have badly sprained each Achilles several years back – the last time (when I was actually quite fit) when I went for a 5 mile run 3 weeks after having my Atrial Septal Defect repaired at the age of 47. That was a bad idea. I used very poor training shoes over tough ground and the Achilles couldn’t cope. Hence the chronic ankle problems, and why I haven’t really run at all since 2012 -the Bilateral chronicoty of each condition really gets in the way of exercise.

Anyways, the first session was completed, followed by more days on call, a trip to Melbourne to see Peter Hook and The Light, and then back on call – long days again. 

But yesterday I managed a fast (for me at least) walk around the local lake, just over 4K.

Felt the Achilles pulling a bit but still managed a reasonable walking workout – it’s warming up here in Victoria so I’m glad I finished before the heat of the day took hold (mind you, it’s been feckin’ freezing through the winter, and was we say in North Antrim, it’s been ‘Pashion’ – very, very wet – the winters here in Western Victoria seem to be wetter than Northern Ireland and that’s really saying something !

So when I got home from the power walk I was knackered beyond belief. Fortified by an ad hoc and impromptu day off work, I dozed most of the afternoon and had no trouble getting off to sleep with an early night at 10 pm.

I recognised this tiredness. It’s the ‘overtraining tiredness’ – and I’m not surprised – the Polar Flow App has confirmed this and I have to say I feel a tad better today.

And therein lies part of the problem. Working 60-80 hours a week does leave little time for exercise and even less time for recovery. 

But this time I really do want to break that barrier. 

Author: fatunfitfiftysomethingbloke

I'm 53 and in the worst shape of my life. Let's see if I can change that !

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