So. I’ve started. Well, a fitness test at least….

Yes, I’ve actually started.

Took delivery of  a Polar M430 heart rate monitor and GPS watch a few days ago, and being a tekkie sort of guy, find, as I did before, that fitness can be more fun if one can benchmark fitness results for future reference and motivation.

The last time I used a Polar Heart Rate monitor was in 2010. That required a fiddly chest strap. The M430 doesn’t require this – measurements are taken at the wrist.

So, once I eventually paired the watch with iOS (easier after I had synced with my laptop – the syncing process didn’t work until then), I got to work measuring my fitness level with the Polar Fitness Test.

All this ingenious test asks you to do is to lie down and relax for a five minutes or so and it measures heart rate variability, giving a score and a remarkably consistent result (did it four times over several days, same result each time – that’s reassuring !) 

This test score correlates to VO2 max and I find myself in the Fair category: actually thought it would come out as Low or Very Low – but at least I now know where I am !

A further nice touch from the watch is the sleep recording function. Now this interests me as sleep disturbance is part of the day job – but more about that later.

So I now have a fitness test result and I’d like to get to ‘moderate’ or even ‘good’ in 4-6 months.

So Le s see what we can do !